How to Cultivate Goodness in Your Life and Relationships

How do you cultivate goodness in your life and relationships?

When you’re reading through the list of Fruit of the Spirit, it would be very easy and very tempting to just totally skip over the idea of goodness because it sounds bland and it sounds generic and it sounds like you’re being kind of patronized, just being told like a little child, “Well, be good because that’s what’s expected of you.”

But if you reflect on this and you think about it, to be a person characterized by goodness is a much higher compliment than just to be a good person.

To be a person characterized by goodness speaks to the consistency with which you are good, and it speaks to the consistency with which you choose, rightly, between the good thing or the wrong thing.

To be a person characterized by goodness means that you consistently choose:

  1. love over hate,
  2. joy over despair,
  3. peace over passivity or unneeded conflict,
  4. patience over anger, giving up or entitlement,
  5. kindness over neutrality,
  6. faithfulness over infidelity,
  7. gentleness over harshness,
  8. self-control over self-indulgence, self-righteousness, or self-promotion.

When you really think about it, goodness is not just an additive thrown into this list of otherwise good things. Goodness is a multiplier of all of these things wrapped together.

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