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​​​​Shame and despair are not all that is. These too shall pass.

If you are here, one of two things is true

One possibility is that your relationships are fine. Yet, you recognize they can always be improving and growing.

Another possibility is that you are hurting. Your relationships are hurting. You may feel hopeless because of endless conflict. You may feel confused, misunderstood, or unheard because of poor communication. Or you may feel alone because of lack of connection. Perhaps you are weighed down by shame and guilt over patterns of behavior that harm your key relationships.

If either of those is true of you, I can help.

I am a men's issues and marriage counselor in Vancouver, WA. Click one of the buttons below to get connected and get help.



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My Story

I married Skylar in 2008. In 2010 and 2011 we started having some challenges. We started seeing a counselor. She helped us realize that we both had a lot of growing up to do. That experience was life-changing for me. It played a major role in my choice to become a counselor. Being a marriage counselor allows me to pay forward the help that I received. I have been incredibly blessed, and I have a duty to bless others.

I started seeing clients in 2014, while I was still a student at Western Seminary. I graduated from Western with my Master of Arts in Counseling in 2016, and soon after received recognition as a Nationally Certified Counselor, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in Washington State.

In August of 2016, my brother Jon took his life. I believe that sex addiction played a role in my brother's death, even though I also believe he died sober. In my grief over my brother, I relapsed into my own sex addiction. This was not what I wanted for my life, and I quickly entered counseling and started attending a support group. I have been in recovery since October of 2016. I know that if I were to return to my addiction, it would be no more than three years before my shame would overcome me, and I might do what Jon did. That is not an option for me. Helping other men with this struggle is a way to pay back the help that I have received, and it is an asset in my own recovery.



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