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Some good news and bad news

Effective Friday, February 17th 2017, I will be ending my contract with Real Life Counseling. Effective immediately, I am accepting new and returning clients at Refresh Therapy.

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How (not) to Complain

This is criticism, not complaining: “You always leave your dirty socks on the floor! You never help me with the laundry! You’re so lazy!”

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Christians, divorce, and church discipline

What has church discipline got to do with divorce? If you are a Christian, depending on the tradition that you come from, there may be a practice of church discipline. From the outside looking in, the church may or may not have a good reputation for doing well with this practice. The basic idea is […]

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Do not trust your feelings

Do not trust your feelings. Obe Wan Kenobi’s advice to Luke was wrong. Your feelings can be wrong. Your feelings can be out of proportion to the situation. They might be either more intense or less intense than is actually warranted. Or they could just be wrong to the situation.

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Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017.

Today is December 31st, we’re about to finish up 2016 and ring in 2017. This is the time of year that people are making resolutions and reflecting on the year before.

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Selling is NOT Stealing, it’s Serving

Selling is serving. It’s not stealing. There’s kind of two different approaches to making a sale, or selling something. One is stealing. The better way of sellingĀ is serving somebody. The two ways of doing sales are either transactional sales, or relational sales. A transactional salesperson values money. They’re like a used car salesman. They just […]

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Did that Conversation take a wrong turn?

We’ve all had conversations that have just gone bad. The thing is that in every conversation, there’s a goal in mind. There’s some destination that you’re trying to get to. Even in those social, “just getting to know you” conversations. Or those old friend conversations just seem to meander and go every here and there. […]

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