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The purpose of counseling is to educate, equip, and empower people for great relationships. I work with individuals, couples, and families to improve self-awareness, empathy, communication, and connection.

If you are looking for counseling you may be struggling with any number of things. Sometimes it is hard to focus on one or two specific goals for your time in therapy. To improve the odds of success, it is best to focus. With this in mind, in my counseling, I focus on the topics below.

Marriage Counseling

Relationships take a lot of work. Common struggles for couples coming to counseling include

  • Out of control conflict, often caused by a lack of self-awareness and empathy
  • Poor communication, often caused by ineffective listening
  • Lack of connection, often caused by the underlying conflicts and poor communication

In couple’s counseling, we will focus on skills, not issues.

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Family Counseling for Teens

I don’t do “fix my kid” therapy. Your child is not broken, your relationship is. On the one hand, even the best parents are often ill-equipped for raising teenagers in today’s culture. On the other hand, even the best tools can’t fix poor parenting. One minute, you might be the best parent with no tools. The next minute, you might be the worst parent with the best tools. It is an exhausting roller coaster.

In family counseling, we will focus on mutual understanding, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. Once you have those skills, the issues become easier to solve. I cannot promise the issues will become easy, just easier.

Counseling for Pornography and Sex Addiction

Sex and pornography addiction are utterly endemic. Politicians, pastors, and business leaders fall from grace daily. There is no one untouched. Pornography, illicit sexual fantasies, masturbation, and shame fall like a hammer on a maul, splitting even the strongest relationships in two.

In counseling for sex and pornography addiction, we will focus on ways to find true joy and intimacy, and on building a life that is incompatible with addiction.

What’s next?

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