Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017.

New Year 2017

Alright, today is December 31st, we’re about to finish up 2016 and ring in 2017. This is the time of year that people are making resolutions and reflecting on the year before.

So I’m gonna join in. I’m gonna do a little bit of that myself and I’m gonna encourage you to do that. I hope that I can lead by example, practice what I preach.

Some of the reflections that I have for the year, things I am thankful for:

  1. I finished graduate school in April,
  2. My son was born in June,

Those were awesome.

Some things that were challenging for me were:

  1. Losing my brother in August
  2. Then the different fallouts from that.
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My grief process kind of reawakened some of my past struggles. Things that I have dealt with in the past and had under control for a time. Especially my self-criticism and my cynicism.

But going through a season like I have had here at the end of 2016, there’s been a lot cynicism and a lot of self-doubt and lot of criticism. So I’m doing what I can to address those. I’m a human being, I’m a work in progress just like everybody else. Just because I’m a counselor and I help people work through their stuff doesn’t mean that I’ve got it all figured out. I’m just as human as anyone else.

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Going into 2017, things I’m looking forward to are:

  1. seeing a lot more clients,
  2. getting to focus on just being a clinician,
  3. building the practice a little bit

My main goal for the year is consistency. I have a few habits that have been kinda start-stop, with false starts here and there. Both the starts and the stops haveĀ happened in ways because of that grief process, losing my brother.

There were some habits that I picked back up, thinking that I need these to get through the grief process. Then when there have been really dark days, it’s been challenging to keep those habits going.

Things like:

  1. daily prayer,
  2. reading scripture,
  3. daily meditation,
  4. journaling,
  5. listening to podcasts,
  6. listening to audiobooks,
  7. reading, just to read and learn
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The number one goal is consistency. But underneath that, there are all those habits that I want to re-establish and re-cement in my life.

So as I said, I’m a human being. I’m going through life as well. I’m figuring it out as well. I hope that I can lead by example, I hope that I can help a few people along the way.

Happy New Year, see you in 2017.

By Dan

Founder, Executive Director, Mental Health Counselor at Restored Life Counseling