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Gratitude and Goals 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully, you have already stuffed yourself silly with turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the other traditional dishes.

Hopefully, you have also paused to reflect on what you’re thankful for.

I’ve done that. And I’m also thinking ahead into next year. Which is a bit ironic, because at some level that sounds as if I am being ungrateful for what I have and what I have been blessed to achieve. As a goal-driven maximizer, I sometimes come off as ungrateful.

Now, just so you don’t jump on that bandwagon, here’s my gratitude list.

  1. That through Jesus I am forgiven for my sins and saved from their eternal consequences.
  2. A loving wife.
  3. Happy, healthy kids.
  4. Awesome extended family.
  5. A new dog.
  6. A warm home with new floors (a project I finished today).
  7. My own health.
  8. A great job.
  9. A great network.
  10. The ability to reflect on what I have been blessed with.
  11. The ability to reflect on what I have been blessed to achieve.
  12. The ability to set goals.
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For me, those last three are a transition point. It seems to me that gratitude and goals are two sides of a coin. On the gratitude side of the coin, we express and experience appreciation for the past and the present. On the goals side of the coin, we express and experience appreciation and optimism for the future.

The ability to even set goals, with all the cognitive capacity that takes. The privilege of pursuing goals, rather than being trapped in poverty. We should be thankful for that ability and privilege. We should steward that ability and privilege.

So… What are you thankful for? What are you doing with the abilities and privileges you’ve been blessed with? How do your gratitude and goals line up?

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Some of you may have heard of Michael Hyatt, his book Platform inspired me to launch this blog. Every year, Michael produces and revises a tool called the Life Score Assessment, and he makes it available the week after Thanksgiving. I’ll be using it as part of my process for reflecting on this year and planning for next year. If you’re interested in joining me in that process, please leave a comment below.

*PS: I believe in Michael Hyatt’s products so strongly that I’m part of his referral program. If you happen to buy one of his products using one of my links, I’ll get a commission.


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