Integrity and transferable lessons

Integrity and transferable lessons

As we go through life, and we learn lessons in our faith. We build our relationships with our family and with our friends. We manage our finances. We do things for recreation. We move forward in our professional lives, our careers, and perhaps manage a business.  We develop in leadership.

In all these areas in our lives, there are parallel lessons or transferable concepts that go back and forth from one to the other. You can learn something about your management of your finances that you apply to setting boundaries in your friendships.  You can learn something in your relationships with your family that you then apply to something else.

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This is a normal and healthy thing. It’s helpful; it helps us not to over-compartmentalize. It’s tempting say, “Well, that’s my family life, and that’s my social life, and that’s my faith.” We try to separate these things. That isn’t exactly helpful; that isn’t exactly healthy. If we want to be a whole person operating from a place of integrity, then we know that all those areas of life look similar.

We’re the same individual in each of those contexts, in each of those relationships. We can take lessons from each of those categories of life and apply them to others so that we can grow and move forward. Just a thought. It’s a little bit abstract, it’s not something to take immediate action on, but think about it. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

By Dan

Founder, Executive Director, Mental Health Counselor at Restored Life Counseling