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Measuring what Matters

In life, it is hard to measure what matters. Michael Hyatt’s LifeScore assessment helps you do just that by using a well refined set of questions to help you look at key areas of your life.

You’ve no doubt heard the adage…

“What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.”

It’s certainly true in business, sports, and, science, but what about life in general?

How do you measure progress in your life? Honestly, many of the things that matter in life are not measurable in an objective way. But they are measurable in a subjective or emotional way. (And yes, those emotional and subjective measurements are still useful).

With work or business, it might be a little easier because we could use our income. But what about our health, or our relationships, or our intellectual growth?

If we don’t measure those areas of life, it’s hard to improve them. You have to know where you are now before you can move beyond it.

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And that’s why I am sharing this tool with you. It’s made by the guy that inspired me to start this blog, Michael Hyatt.

The LifeScore Assessment

(Watch the video above to see my walkthrough of the assessment)

This online self-assessment is easy, quick, and effective in helping you measure where you are in each domain of your life. It shows you where you’re excelling and where you should focus your improvement efforts. On the first screen, you can even select which life domains are the most important to you, and narrow your focus to all of them.

But you can only get the assessment for a limited time. It’s FREE, so check it out today!

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If you take the assessment, email me a screenshot of your results page and let me know what your thoughts are.

By Dan

Founder, Executive Director, Mental Health Counselor at Restored Life Counseling