Working from Home: Sweet Dream or Nightmare?

Working from Home, Telecommuter

This is a guest post from Norah Martin of the Bizzmark Blog (click here for more info about guest posting).

Working from home is a dream many of us have. But there are challenges that come with that dream. Norah has some great thoughts about how to set yourself up for success when working from home.

Working from Home, Telecommuter

When we look at telecommuters, it is hard not to be jealous. Who would not want to exchange their car for a pair of slippers? Or the hastiness of the workplace for the comfort of their own home? The short answer would be – telecommuters. Telecommuting is just another work arrangement and has its set of both pros and cons. Here are a few things you should consider before making a leap of faith.

Pros of Telecommuting

  • Less issues at the workplace. Let us start with the bright side of this situation. As time goes by, we become intolerant towards our colleagues and supervisors. Working alone from your home reduces this work-induced stress. It also allows you do things your way.
  • Flexible scheduling. It is hard to stay productive during the whole workday. Making your own work schedule is great with telecommuting. Make the most of the hours when you are productive. Try to do something else when you feel tired.
  • You do not need to commute. Commuting is time-consuming, expensive, and exhausting. Moving your job to your home will solve this problem and leave you with more money and more time. Instead of traveling a few hours a day, why not look for network marketing tips and establish yet another income flow?
  • Being close to your family. Even if the time you spend at work is short, it is easy to become homesick. If you are working from your home, your family will remind you of your goals.
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Cons of Telecommuting

  • Separation of private and personal life is not as easy as it sounds. We do not mean only creating a quiet and stimulating work environment. Being at home means that your family members will count on you to be a part of regular family activities. Drawing the magic line between your job and your family will become much harder than before.
  • Bringing job-related issues home. Mixing your family and professional life is hard enough. You have to remember that telecommuting will not spare you of job-related issues. Bringing those issues home can cause unnecessary turmoil in your family life.
  • Distractions. Making judgments about time management is hard when distractions abound. If you are not self-disciplined, you can spend your entire day dragging out a job that would usually take you no more than a few hours to complete.
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Keeping the Best of Both Worlds

Is it possible to make your telecommuting job as good as it sounds? Sure, but you will have to maintain the same level of productivity as at the office. Having a stimulating and isolated work environment will help you achieve these goals. Your family will have to make a few concessions of its own. They will have to get accustomed to your work schedule.

Telecommuting is a work arrangement that sounds like a dream come true. That does not mean that it cannot slip into a living nightmare. You will enjoy its perks only if you keep your job on one side of the door and your family at the other.

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