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Empowering Men.

Restoring Relationships.

Empowering men to restore relationships.

I'm Dan Stephens, a men's issues and marriage counselor in Vancouver, WA. I'm also the Executive Director of the Brotherhood of the Broken and a contributor to the Honorable Gentlemen project. I live to empower men to restore relationships.

Is your marriage full of conflict? Are you struggling to communicate effectively? Do you feel more like roommates than lovers? Has there been a recent discovery or disclosure of an affair? Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts? Do you hide some of your sexual behavior from others? Have you ever sought therapy for sexual behavior you did not like? Has anyone been hurt emotionally because of your sexual behavior? Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire? When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterward?

If you or someone close to you would answer "Yes" to two or more of the above questions, I can help. Click a button below to contact me today.



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